Request Assistance

Contact Your County Office

To receive assistance from EWVCAA, please contact the office that serves your county at the numbers listed below. To receive assistance you must complete an application for assistance, present one photo ID, one other form of ID, social security numbers for all persons in the household and proof of income or other assistance for every household member.

Berkeley and Jefferson Counties

Weatherization Services: (304) 538-7711
Workforce Investment Board: (304) 264-6133

Grant County (304) 257-1107

Hampshire County (304) 822-5584

Hardy County (304) 538-7711

Mineral County (304) 788-6668

Morgan County (304) 822-5584

Pendleton County (304) 358-7589


Application Instructions 

To receive Direct Emergency Assistance, Rental Assistance, Remove Barriers to Employment, Food Pantry Referral, Mobile Food Pantry, Regular Food Pantry Referral, Angel Tree, Sheetz Family Christmas, Salvation Army, Warm The Children, Holiday Programs or Youth Opportunity Camp you need to provide the information and meet the requirements listed below: 


To Apply for the Weatherization Program or to receive ECIP in the case of an emergency no heat situation you need to contact us at (304) 538-7711 and be ready to provide the following information or items:


NOTE: Not all programs are available in every county.